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Reuben Sausage Help

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My neighbor asked me if I could make a "Reuben Sausage", including Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese and Corned Beef.

Anyone ever hear of such a sausage or have a recipe?

Is it this even possible?



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I have had and made sausage with sauerkraut in it but I have never heard of it with corned beef as well but I am sure it could be done just add in the finely chopped corned beef and maybe even some thousand island I bet it would be good. I am just not sure what kind of seasonings you would want to put in there as a base. I think we used a brat seasoning in ours but we didn't like the mix that we used.
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Have never heard of that, but it sounds DEEEEE-licious.
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I'm with The Meat Hnter and I have never heard of it but I sounds really really good and I would entertain the idea of making it too.
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Did you make the ones with sauerkraut yourself? The wheels are starting to turn here LOL. I make allot of Polish Kielbasy for the wife, I wonder if I could incorporate the sauerkraut into it. Man I bet that would taste great.

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Yea we made a batch of sauerkraut brats the first year we ever made venison sausage. I think it was actually a sauerkraut/cheese brat. They weren't to bad other than we didn't like the brat seasoning we used in them. We have not made them since but I was thinking about making some this year again just a small batch to get the ingredients right.
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If you make a good Polish Kielbasy sausage I bet it would be great in that. I want to find a a good kielbasy sausage recipe to try. I love that stuff.
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Rueben Sausage

Up here in the cold white north we have what is called a rueben sandwich, made with rye bread, sauerkraut and corned beef. Maybe this is what he meant. Piker
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Ahhh Rueben sandwiches are my favorite. I think I need one soon!!!!!
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We make corned beef sausages at work every year for St. pattys day. We dont put kruat in it but I guess you could if you wanted to. We do put green food coloring in it to really attract some attention to it in the display case!icon_mrgreen.gif I can't remember the recipie off the top of my head,but I can look at work tomarrow if you would like?
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Thanks for the Quick Responses!!!

I'm trying to incorporate Corned Beef, Sauerkraut and Swiss Cheese in a sausage, to put on a bun with Thousand Island Dressing.

Just don't know the ratios of Corned Beef:Sauerkraut:Swiss Cheese

Yes, it's just like a Rueben Sandwich, but I can freeze these little babies and pull a few out as needed.



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I saw this fatty post, but did not see any reference to "Corned Beef", other than your post.

We're getting somewhere!


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I have used the recipes in Ryeks book so far, but jack up a few of the spices for a more pronounced taste.

Well I would assume these are going to be fresh sausages, not cured. With that in mind, I would start off with the meat and add sauerkraut and cheese until you think it taste good.

I'm wondering how you would prepare the meat. I'm guessing the way corned beef is when its done, you would have to use it in a shredded form.
I wonder how it would be if you incorporated some pork into to help bind things together? I think this is a worthy project. I just told my wife, whos 50/50 Polish & Russian about this idea of making Kielbasa WITH sauerkraut in the sausage itself. She said go for itPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.

This is another cool thing about making sausage, just like fatties, the only limits to ingredients are your imagination. Although I would draw the line at something like skittles or pop rocks LOL
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your going to need caraway seed also !!!!

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I've made a ruben fatty in the past but not sausage... looks interesting but I don't know how you would get the corned beef in there - will be following this thread. Good luck!
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Yes, I'm still thinking about this one. I think this idea may be one that is best suited for a grinder/stuffer combo unit. I don't think the stringy meat of a corned beef would work on a dedicated stuffer, but with a grinder/stuffer combo unit, the auger would be doing the work, pushing the meat into the casing. I think a horn stuffer would work well too, but I can see a dedicated stuffer doing it as I don't believe this would push thru very easy.
The more I think about this, the sooner I want to try it.
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at work we coarse grind the corned beef through a 3/8 inch holed plate. if you use a finer plate( and we have) the corned beef tends to relaese too much of its juices,and flavor! yes we do mix it with our country style sausage(simple mild sausage blend) I will check today for the ratio of pork to corned beef. And copy our fresh Kielbasa recipie....It is amazing!
Just hold your horses!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Well you sure have my attention on this one.........I might even try a small batch this weekend. I'm looking forward to everyone's recipes!
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last week went to a meat market for some hi-temp cheddar cheese for summer sausage, they told me they use 1lb cheese per 10lbs meat. i used 3/4lb cheese for 9lbs of summer and it was just right. wouldnt know about the kraut tho. hope this helps.
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