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Blessed With Wild Cherry... Again

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Those of you who were here last spring and saw my thread about goin for a morning walk and heard chain saws running and it turned out to be a 30 ft Wild Cherry tree and was permitted to take whatever I wanted, Well.
I woke up this morning to chain saws clearing out an electrical line about 50 yards behind my house. I went to investigate and found two huge wild cherry trees layin on their sides. Again, the guys said take what you want. YEEEEE HAAAAWW! WOOOOO HOOOOO!

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Nice! I love using cherry wood. Congrats.
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Nice score for you. I love cherry too
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Excellent score you should have enough cherry to last you a lifetime!
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your a lucky smoker to live where cherry naturally grows!!! wish someone had a cherry tree to chop down here i minnesota!!! nice score man!!!
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Good for you Ray!
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Very nice haul you will be lovng life pretty soon.
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You know I might just have to drive out to eastern OH just to stalk you in order to get some wood. Hmmmm.....that sounded kinda creepy!!!

Good score, seems like some guys have all the luck PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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