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First REALLY good pork Butt with Qveiw

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First I really want to thank everyone here for their help and well wishes. I started off with a little Meathead rub and injected it with apple juice and garlic. Thanks again for letting me know I didn't mess up by injecting the night before. I got the butt into the smoker around 5:00 AM. Instead of mopping I decided to spray it with apple juice and more garlic every hour or so. It cooked a little faster then I figured but around 2:00 PM It was ready to be wrapped in towels and put into the cooler. The good news - finishing early gave me time to make a few ABT's . We had a great meal and finished in time for a little football. icon_smile.gif
Here we go with a few QView's.
Rubbed and Ready:

Smoker closed up and now I wait and enjoy some coffee.

Ready for another spray:

Time to wrap it up in foil - bark is looking good:

Finished, pulled and ready:

Add a few ABT's and I was a happy camper PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looks really good.
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Congrats on a successful smoke.

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Glad you finally got a good Butt Smoke!
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Nice looking pork butt. Bet it tasted delicious!
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Looks Great! Good looking smoke.
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Nice job. Nice when you hit it right.
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