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My Test 3

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This week end

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Trying to do a QView with multible pics but can't seem to get more than one on a post at a time.Any suggestions ? Thanks
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Whatever happened with this
wasn't right.
Make sure you are using the IMG Code for each link and putting a space in between them.
Also sometimes photobucket can be sketchy so make sure you have the IMG Code link highlighted then copy it. Sometimes it won't copy properly so you have to keep an eye on it.

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It looks to me like you might not be pasting in the page correctly. After you have posted an image,hit the return/ enter key on the keyboard. Then, copy and paste your next image. The IMG text with the [square brackets] shouldn't be visible in your posting.
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It should be fixed now You just lost one of the italics on the beginningfixed
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What he said. I just started having some issues yesterday where I could not click on the code, I had to physically copy it.
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Look below hopefully this shows ya
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Thanks I think I have it now
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Look at my first post I fixed the first photo also. I didn't see it..Nice smoker and food by the way
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