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back from outer space

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Hey it's been a LONG time since my last visit. Hopefully back to stay.

Long story short:
Judged 25 KCBS Events for summer 2009, Have 3 to go for Master. Cooking for Master in early may...

Judged the Royal, invitational and open. Pulled double duty for the open they were so short on judges.... Had a pretty good time. Watched 'em film some of that Pitmaster show. I'm certain I'll find the thread concerning Myron & add my two cents worth!

Have been cooking for two years here at home and am getting much better. Still have great enthusiasm. May sell the smoker & build a new one, but not certain, YET!

More to come,

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Glad to have you back.
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Welcome Back...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome back to the SMF. Enjoy your stay!
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Howdy & welcome back to the SMF!!
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Welcome back to smf!
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Really appreciate the welcome back. Feeling like I need to re-learn the SMF! Can't wait for spring and the smell of BBQ in the morning.

Just smoked four racks and a bunch of thighs last night. (I added the chicken trimmings to the bacon and onions for the beans, was delicious!)
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Welcome back, Mikey. 25 events in one summer? You've been busy.
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Welcome back and thanks for all the judging.

Way too easy to complain about the judges but never thank them for coming out and doing the job.
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Welcome back. icon_smile.gif
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Welcome back to SMF . I am sure you have stories to tell us in time .
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Welcome back. 25 events in one summer. That's a lot. What was the furthest distance you traveled.

Oh yeah, you'll find several threads talking about Myron. What were your first hand experiences with him?
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Welcome to the SMF forum, You came to the right place. Good people and good info.
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Welcome/welcome back Mikey!
Judging all those comps I can't wait to see some of the deliciousness you smoke at home!
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thanks so much EVERYONE for the welcome back. I've been rather busy..... tomorrow I judge #30 at Wisconsin Dells. I'll send off for the Master Judge test on Monday.

My friend, Herb Kane, (Smokin' Herb ) and I have just been going crazy. We've great enthusiasm and appreciation for barbeque.

I've had lots of comments from judges and enthusiasts alike about the 25 contests in a year! There are folks out there with 9 or 10 years as judges who don't have 25 yet, so it's probably strange to hear that I've so many with so little time as a KCBS member.

My original intent was to get involved with judging bbq so that, eventually, I could open my own shack right here in Iowa. You know, learn what tastes good...well, one thing lead to another & guess what! Lots of travel & lots of bbq.

I've learned a great deal. BBQ people are pretty darn friendly.

The farthest we traveled was about 4.5 hours, to a contest in southern MO. Hoping to go to Memphis in May next year, and I'd love to travel further.

Hope to hear from everyone--- thanks for making me feel welcome.
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Glad to have you back.
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Wow Mikey, you have been busy. Welcome Back. You are having fun so just buy that portable camera & keep it handy for some qview. I would love to see your work.
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WB fellow Spinal Tap fan!
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