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phx area lang.....

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found this on Cg's list.....

hydroair technology, gas capable
Purchased new from Lang for $5,000.00 in 2004.

Good Condition!

Please call 602-653-0062
  • Location: 7th Ave/Baseline
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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I wonder what hydroair technology, gas capable means.

Plus the picture looks like a Lang 48 which is not quite 8 foot long, and there is no warming box
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Hydroair technology = Reverse flow??
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Or hydroair technology=fan ????PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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that pic is lifed off of lang's site..........
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Here is the pic that is in that Craiglist ad:

Looks like it's the Model 60 with a warmer box. I don't see any extra handles near the top of the firebox which would make it a "Deluxe".
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dutch....are you clicking on that link listed? the pic from the CL add looks like the pic listed for the 48 orig. from lang's site while your pic looks like the one listed as 84 deluxe w/ warmer.................i could be wrong.
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If the picture in his add is right then its an 84 the 60 doesn't have the door on both sides but in 04 I thought they were still using the round ended tanks
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Think it is the 60 with warmerbox or the deluxe 60. I have the 48 original tht looks like the smaller thumb but mine is the original with rounded tank ends. The new smokers have flat tank ends.
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none of the pics are of the actual smoker.....they both came from the lang site.
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It is a 84, I emailed and asked him, I think the original pic was a Lang 48, he changed the pic to an 84 with a warmer, but not of his it's off the website, the 84 has 2 thermometers and a door on each side, the 60 only has 1 thermometer unless you order more like Dutch did
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The flat ends say the picture is much newer, also, I have a lang and that looks like a 84 but like someone said it is off the website.
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Kurt many of the older 84's only have one thermo but they all have the doors on both sides i think thats why its easy to pick out an 84
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