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GOSM for sale - $125

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Small model GOSM propane smoker for sale in Chicagoland.

Bass Pro Shop model less than a year old. Good condition, and pretty clean. Includes (3) racks, water pan, cast iron skillet mod for chip box, as well as the oem cover. Also includes (2) empty propane tanks(typically $30 ea.).

$125 pretty firm
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I guess thats a pretty good price with all of those excessories to go along with it.
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I thought so, wanted to price it to move. basically $65 for the GOSM based on the cost of (2) empty propane tanks @ Super Wal Mart.

I have it on Craigslist as well.
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No pics Jim???? PDT_Armataz_01_03.gifPDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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sorry, ill add em.
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heres the pics, took them this a.m.

I was washing the racks and the water pan thats why they are not in there.

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Shame Chicago is so far away, that's a great deal!
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thanks fireitup,

hopin someone can get some good use out of it.
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Hey man.. I was just browsing craigslist and saw your post on there. I am interested in this. I am located in NW Indiana (Hammond). You said you would be willing to mee half way. Let me know and maybe we can work something out for this weekend if you still have it available.

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still available steve, id definitely meet halfway. Ill pm you to possibly work out details
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How much do you want for the cast iron skillet? or does that go with the smoker?

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going with the smoker, and I think I already have a buyer.
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sold... thanks steve, I hope you get alot of good use out of it.

also thanks for the beers @ 3 Floyds.
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Congrats on selling your smoker and especially congrats go out to Steve, always nice to get a new smoker, be sure to smoke something good and snap pics whenever you fire it up!
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a win.. win situation. gotta like it..
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