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Another St louis from bbally's tutorial..

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Got these in the drum now. Didn't take any qview of the cut up since i couldn't find my q-cam. Located it just before puttin the ribs in the drum so I figured I'd give ya'll a peek..

Humming along...

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Don't lose the Q cam I want to see how they finish. Watch those temps.
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So what exactly is done different using the "bbally" way?
I know it is supposed to reduce or eliminate pull back but are you trimming the spares in any particularly different way compared to previous smokes?
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I never knew how to do St Louis style before. I always have cooked back ribs and left the spares alone. I'm startin to like the spares when they are trimmed up and i love the riblets on the end..

Semper Fi brother..
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Riblets go good with beer and the smoke from the cooker. You can eat while the st louis finish!

Back atcha devil dog!
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GOOD JOB OF CUTTING!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I'll be waiting for those finished Qviews

I lost those pics of me cutting mine, I don't know where they went... or maybe I just dreamed I took them... icon_confused.gif
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Now thats a good tutorial if you trim. I like mine untrimmed and just rub them and throw them onto the smoker as is.
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First basting w/ some aplle juice / acv mix..

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mmm mmm good
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Thta's a great in-progress pic, good looking trim and appealing to the eye and taste buds. Congrats.
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That pic there should help the newbies cut out a St. Louis style with ease.....nice job.
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Ok, in to the foil for a couple hours..

Did I happen to mention that I have a couple racks of beef back ribs on the second shelf...

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Freakin nice work, excellent smoke
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Great Looking Ribs...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Out of the foil, finishing sauce applied and back in the smoke for about an hour. I got a lotta pullback from one rack. The other seems fine.. Temp up to 235 to 245... Left the beef ribs in the foil to cover the coals.. They should be ok

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Very nice looking ribs Pete-and pics,after the last few days it sure is nice to have some sun again huh?still cleaning up the damage here but do have snacks on the drum.
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Hey Bob, I was wondering if you swam out of that alright.. Great rain, I got a bit over 4 inches here..

Ribs came out good.. I won't use any butter in my sauce anymore. The beef ribs were bare of meat so I didn't qview them. Maybe should not have cooked them so long? I dunno, not a big fan of the beef ribs I get here...

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Great looking ribs!
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Everything looks FINE!!! good job
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