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Pork Butt for Remodel Party

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My son bought his first home, a couple of weeks ago, and we are doing a bit of remodel, so perfect place to serve up some Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

Porkbutt from: Winco, Price: 99 cents per pound. Cut seems a bit odd, but hey the price was right.

Smoke all nighter. Preheated MES for 2 hours.
Outdoor ambient: 44º Smoking Temp 225º

Start Time: 5:30pm, put butt in alum pan and foil covered, at 175º, set MES for 200º and went to bed. Pulled Butt out of MES at 7:30 am, re-foiled, wrapped in paper towels and went into small holding ice chest. Served for lunch....

Note: the MES dropped to 198º when meat was loaded. 5 minutes later was at 210º, 25 min. later was at 228º. I can't say enough about adding an extra hour to pre-heat in cold conditions.

This butt was foiled and wrapped with towels kept in ice chest ready for lunch. I failed to get the meat pulling pics because I left my camera at home. But it was nice and moist, almost all the fat rendered out. I will say that this butt didn't have quite the flavor of most of my previous butts, I had to kick it up with some extra Q sauce. I'm wondering about the Winco cut, I normally get my butts from either the butcher shop or Sam's and those butts usually are loaded with flavor after a smoke. Still tasted great.

I usually don't bother taking pics for stuff that is pretty common, but in honor of OTBS, I am committed to uphold the OTBS Qview tradition and so am making an effort to be more consistent in sharing picks of my smokin Q. Enjoy..

The 99 cent @ Lb, raw Butt

The Blade IN, end...

Me Butts like em de Mustard

First dusting of me lovely bottom

Cap side gets the luv flavors too.

my dog opens the MES and says BARK, BARK...

I use a cookie sheet as a MES lower right heat baffle

Heat baffle with foil
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looks like you gonna have some happy workers.
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Don't forget the finishing sauce it really does add some awesome flavor and reduces the need for extra BBQ sauce
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I sure hope you have a bunch of workers cause you really have a ton of meat there DeltaDude. Or is that for the workers all week long maybe. I see your method to your madness if you keep feeding they will stay. Smart move.
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Nice score and nice looking butt!
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Looks good.

Never tried it overnight like that, may have to give it a whirl.
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That was about 9 pounds and made exactly 12 full French Style Roll sandwiches topped with slaw.

To get the 99 cent price the butts came two to a package, so I am all set for Super Bowl... with the other butt.
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