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when looking at certain sausage recipies it calls to apply heavy smudge. what does that mean? is that the billowing white smoke im so good at? as always,tia.
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sausage and salami take on the smoke best right at the beginning
so it calls for heavy smoke for the first while in the smoker after an hour of low temp drying.
you still need to have maximum airflow with heavy smoke so you dont build creasote.
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I think you are talking "heavy smoke".

In Rytek's world, which is where that comment is found, the smokers his legacy company (sausagemaker) sells are the electric box smokers, using a pan of hickory sawdust over an electric heating element. I've not seen one of his smokers in operation, but the normal operation with pans of sawdust or chips over a heat source is to get a lot of white smoke. Is for me anyway. Even more so they way he recommends doing it, which is to wet this sawdust. And it is a special sawdust......not chips or pellets or chunks.

For those with a smoker of this type, is it possible to get heavy blue smoke out of one?

Next question: are you left with charcoal or does it turn to ash? (assuming you don't catch it on fire)
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I thought smudge was when the sausage gets too warm when you are grinding it and it comes out almost smooth and not like worms. But I'm really new too sausage and it was on my first try that I recall having that mentioned to me.
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no, thats spooge ! icon_mrgreen.gif
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couldnt resist! that popped into my head when I read your post biggrin.gif
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I would say I get the sawdust version of charcoal and some ash when using my freezer conversion. I actually get a heavier whiter smoke when I don't dampen my sawdust, quicker combustion. But I'm not pushing the damp vs. dry argument here. I would say my smoke quality with my hotplate side box smoker is very comparable to the tbs from my ecb.
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