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[quote=erain;430060]double ditto!!! will where the heckyou been buddy!!!

dragged to and fro, but back with a vengeance.Got to get my chit together before the appetizer show down.
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not ribs but ck out the enhanced loin gunner69 did... doesnt look the least bit hammy and from his description to me tasted nothing like ham... salty yes but cured taste it was not... is the cure that gives ham most of its taste and texture. enhanced pork is pumped with water and sodium phosphate, the main goal being pork is so much leaner these days to retain moisture as well as a little flavor booster. but nothing to cure or mimic a cure effect.
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Ribs are such a small cut of meat that any salt content in the enhancement will make it take on a hamlike flavor and texture. Add the fact that the meat is surrounding bone and it makes it easy for the enhancement to absorb into the ribs pretty readily. Some like it and some don't. It's not actually cured. Larger pieces of meat that have been enhanced usually don't have enough time in the enhancement to make the kind of difference in the meat that takes place in the ribs.
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i have never had enhanced ribs so i shouldnt have spoken up. i guess some people do consider them "hammy" tasting so i will difer to dave here...

i found this on the net...
Beware Of "Enhanced" Ribs
More and more often, the fresh pork products sold by supermarket chains and discount retailers have been "enhanced" with a solution of water, sodium phosphate, and flavorings. The pork industry believes that consumers like enhanced pork products because they are juicier and more tender even when overcooked.
Some people describe the taste of enhanced ribs as artificial or hammy. Some unsuspecting buyers apply a typical salt-laden rub to these ribs and then wonder why they ended up tasting so salty—not realizing that the ribs had already been pumped full of salt and other flavorings.

this is a very educational website on pork ribs!!!
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The other thing to realize when your purchasing enhanced products... your paying the meat price for the solution. I've bought enhanced tenderloin and really didn't notice the texture taste thing goin on like I do in the ribs. The only enhanced ribs I've had were Baby Backs. Another reason to know if your meat has been enhanced in the case of butts or briskets etc. is the method used to inject these whole muscle meats leaves you with a piece of meat that has been compromised... meaning that it needs to be smoked to 160 or above. If you buy a rib roast that is enhanced by this process, it needs to be smoked / cooked as a compromised piece of meat. That leaves all of us out there that like a rare roast.... out of luck or not actually knowing that enhancement has compromised the meat. It's important to know what your buying and there is more and more concern that the products out there are not being labeled so that the consumer actually knows what they are dealing with.
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Ill check it out. I dont doubt good tasting food can be produce from using enhanced pork. I just dont like it for a couple reasons:

1) like others have said your paying for solution weight not just meat or bone
2) bad reslults the couple times I used them long ago
3) I have access to fresh pork for the same price
4) who knows exactly what these processors are putting in their solution, salt, water, and probably about 10 ingredients I cant pronounce, If the meat is going to be injected it will be injected by me after purchase, with known ingredients by me. i just dislike overprocessed foods, rubs, and sauces.

I do find it interesting that there is a good number of folks on SMF who mention health issues(high blood pressure, heart issues diabetes, etc,) that go out and buy sickly sweet, HCFC packed sauces & marinades, salt and chemical packed & injected rotissery chickens @ Sam's, storebought rubs with MSG, and other chemicals, and enhanced pork with salt and chemicals in them. There are healthier options out there, you may just have to shop at a few different places, and make some things at home.
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well i had know intension on making any riddles just came out that way, and i was just wondering how man have and it was just a yes or no answere.

like this turkey it had over a half gallon of brine injected into it and sat for 24 hrs and no real ham like state there.

yes fair food is pre cooked, and below 140 temp + lack of oxegen (key ingredent) leads to spoilage, but cracking the door open alittle bit will replenish the oxegen.
i would pobley put curing and deep smoke rings on seprete tracks here as both have a defrence way of doing this.
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thats true but i did say "ham like" and not a perfect match to curing
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IMO ham like taste on anything except ham is a sign of poor que, as far as using cure to get a smoke ring look, that is just pitiful and I hope if anyone here does that gets exposed as frauds. The smoke ring is something earned, sometimes you get a little and sometimes alot, I don't know if its the cow god or pork god that doles it out or not but I am sure its the same fellow that gives us stalls on a whim. biggrin.gif I liked the seared brisket method taste and texture wise but felt like such a failure due to lack of smoke ring.
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It's just a chemical reaction, dude. Lack of a smoke ring doesn't mean you're a bad person. biggrin.gif

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that is funny.... im just glad someone else said it.. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Ok, Im still pretty much a noob here...i bought a chargriller over the summer. Did a few birds, fatties, atb's, shoulder, chucky, and only 1 rack of BB's. I did the 2-2-1 method. Rubbed them the night before. Fridge over night, and into the smoke (still cold) at 225-240 for the duration of the smoke. They came out with the smoke ring fully penetrating through and with a very satisfying light hammy taste. I loved them. I didnt use a cure...i used a commercial rub with a little olive oil first. I dont know what that means...just throwing that out there haha! Maybe i had enhanced BB? I dont know...bought them at Wally Mart so probably. Either way i liked them.
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using cure on something is just a different approach on preparing something... doesnt necessarilly have to be done for preservation sake. love cured baby backs and when curing is no intention of mimicing a smoke ring. if the cure is intentionally being used for any purpose of flavor or texture, or to prevent the nasties, then it would be considered appropriate. i have never used a cure to induce a colored ring to be hopefully misconstrued as a smoke ring. also if i use cure on a smoke and post it i will mention it in the post. i too like the seared taste on brisket.... and i would be danged if i would let whether or not you have or have not a smoke ring keep me from what i felt tasted best. i dont have much of a smoke ring on many smokes and the smoke ring is sure pretty and all but has nothing to do to determine if it was a succesful smoke. taste, texture, tenderness... thats what its all about at least in my book. now lets go smoke something and to pike i say, dang if you pulling that off in a gosm, how about a post step by step with pics and temps and times so your buds here at the forum can try that out if is acceptable. cause if you are indeed pulling that off without a cure and staying in the food saftey guidelines i would love to know how you do it.
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back the barby up here,biggrin.gif so your saying that when a person discovers a way that makes a better finished que and in time and i know you will find something that makes your ques better. do we at that time call you a fraud for poor queing, I know i wont,
the last part of your comment jogged my mind as my post referes mainly to poultry and not beef, now i dont know why i posted this under beef, free tickets to boot me in the rumpPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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very true on that.

on face book under Chris Hagen ive posted 164 pics of some of the meats ive smoked
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you asking about the ribs or the bird?
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this also brings up another thing, getting longer smoke times from the wood your using in gosm.

doesnt matter how many or much wood you use side by side, it all starts burnng at about the same time, but stacking the wood will increase that smoke time,

in these photo's using a taller block of wood will last along time

this is a 3 by 3 chunk and has about 6 hrs of use on it, and probly another 12 hrs before turning to ash totaly

this can be used on cold smoking cured meats, just get the wood smoking good with alot of heat, shut the gosm up tight and turn the fire off.

any fire fighter will tell you that wood will smolder for days with no propaine burner under it to keep it going, just a little tip here but you guys probly all ready knew this but alwase a good repete heads up. biggrin.gif
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