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Well let see if we can kind of get a few bullet points to live by:

First the four hour rule applies from the time it goes above 40 F so counter time counts.

Second, the probe insertion time is dependant on cooking method and cooking time. So I just always wait to insert because I have to standardize the method for HACCP.

So I always wait until the outer 1/2 inch has been above 140 F (135 F on the new code is now allowed) but this is because I concern myself with making prime rib and have to pull at 128 F. The second reason is low and slow cooking methods, those methods that may take longer than 4 hours total to go above 140 F (135 F new code) should not be pierced until the outside is above 140 F (135 F new code) So I wait on all meats since I usually have to go dig out the probe anyway.

Any meat ground, stuffed, sliced is not a ground product. Does not matter if you did it in your house or the butcher did it.

Sterilize the probe, wait til the meat outside is above the 135 F (now the new code) for 3/4 an hour before inserting.
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Thank you for clarifying this once again again, bbally.


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I too stick my probe it before placing the meat in the smoker.(I do wipe it off with a sanitary cleaner and Bleach water-DUDE). Makes sense to put as few holes in the meat as possiblePDT_Armataz_01_03.gif. Plus, I stand by the "Theory" that one loses heat (along with pressure and moisture), each time the smoker is opened.Thus the Meat weight/Temp./time estimates-notice I said estimate.If you have a well sealed smoker,and all is running at 'your' chosen heat,leave the lid closed! If you're lookin';you're not cookin'!!!
Just sayin'.....
Stan aka Old School
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You can't open your smoker one more time to insert the probe after the outside 1/2" rises above 140° without messing up your temps of your smoker? biggrin.gif Do you ever mop/spritz or foil??

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i like the tequila idea, best.
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