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first run in on the ECB

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Ok, so I finnished doing the initial mods on my ECB so I was planning on doing a test burn this weekend to see how I can dial in the temps.

Can anyone tell me how much hardwood lump I should load in these (unlit and lit) to get aproximatly 5 hours of burning.

it is the gourmet ECB and for the mods I have threaded a pipe into the hole on the bottom and came out to a valve to controle inlet air, I added a thermomitor at the rack level that actualy tells the temp, and I got a pan with holes in it to use as a charcoal grate that is raised 1" off the bottom.

If I find that the smoke can't flow good later I will add a stack and put a rope seal around the lid.

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I have an old ECB, probably 33 years old now. I usually had to renew charcoal ever 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Now I just use regular briquettes. Lump does burn hotter and quicker so your times may vary, but you will be adding a refill/more to the pan at some point.
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Thanks, do you get a longer burn from the charcoal?

Ok so I am running it up as I type.. I tried a minion method, but I don't think I put near enough lump in the chiminy and/or didn't leave it long enough befor I put it into the ECB. also don't know if I put enough in the ECB its self. I think I used 1/2 a 15lb bag . took me a little over an hour to get it up to 212ish, then when I got it up to 225 I closed the valve I installed and the temp started to drop off, I started opening it slowly and it was still dropping, it hit 200 and I opened the valve wide and it started to climb again.

when I filled the 12" pan with lump I just kind put a layer 2" deep and left a 1/4 of it empty for the 6 or 7 chunks of lump I had in the chiminy. does this sound like enough?

I'll post pictures later.

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Ok, so it held 225 for about 1.5 hours with an outside temp of 32 degrees, then started dropping 25 degrees every 30 min but its holding at 175 for about an hour now. so I guess if I open it up and dump a bunch of cold lump ontop when I see it start to drop I should be good. looks like I am going to need a lot of beer for this babysitting job icon_smile.gif

so I said I woudl post some pic, or "Q-View" so here they are.

first is after I installed the temp gage, air intake and extended the legs.

the next one showes my temp burn pan

comming to life

this one is through the door to see the lump

here is the temp I held for 1.5 hours, would I be able to get hotter if I let more air in? would it be worth it to change my 1" black pipe aire inlet to a 1.25" set up?

Now I know it was just a test burn, but I couldn't waist that smoke

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225* is a good smoke temp! Low and Slow!
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Most of my smokes involved about a 3/4 filled charcoal pan. I think briquettes burn longer than lump due to not burning as hot. To raise you temps up some, try playbox sand instead of water in the water pan. It will give you higher and more constant temps with sand.
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I can't tell but do you have the charcoal basket raise up so as the ashes have a place to fall?
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yup, I have five 1.25" bolts through the bottom to hold it a tiny bit over an inch off the bottom.

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steve, my good buddy ~

put your engineering books away and get some meat on that grate!
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haha, there was meat on the grate icon_smile.gif..ya.. this weekend is the first real smoke. got a few racks of ribs I am going to use for my first smoke.

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good luck and wwe'll be looking forward to the q-view ~ i have barbecued some wonderful ribs on a similar model (not the deluxe) and have enjoyed them very much. i think you're going to be pleased.icon_wink.gif
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Looks like you're on the right track Steve. it's really a matter of learning the smoker which can sometimes be a little difficult.
One thing about your temps, and you might know this already is the outside temps and wind will effect the smoker temperature. You're going to want a wind break of some kind. Nothing fancy but it will make a big difference.
Heck I've used a cardboard box from a hotwater tank once that was perfect. I just cut out one side so as to leave the top and 3 side to protect the ecb from the wind.
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ya, I had no wind last night, just cold. I think if it gets windy I will just move it into the shop and keep the garage door open. then I can sit on the couch while I watch it icon_wink.gif

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