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need some suggestions.

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me and some of my buddies (fellow forum members starxfive and faust) are getting our recipes worked out for a comp in september. on satyrday starxfive and i are gonna do another "team smoke", to help work on team dynamic and help learn each others smokers. he will be smoking a pre-cooked ham with a honey glaze and i'll be doing baby backs, but my rub doesn't really fit in with that flavor profile.

so, i would like some suggestions on a rub that will pair with the smoked honey glazed ham. no need to divulge any secret recipes, but would like some simple suggestions.

any and all help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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What kinda comp is this?, Not sure your going to be able to infuse your rub flavors into a honey glazed ham. Can ya do a butt,fresh, instead.
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I have a Cherry KoolAid rub I have used in the past, family loves it. If you want it, just let me knowbiggrin.gif
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we are just working on flavors. the comp is an "open" comp. the only do 3 categories. Chicken, Ribs, and TEXAS Brisket (they use to have a 4th called "other"). i think the other had to much diversity, that it was hard to score, so they just dumped it. to many different tastes and textures.

i think i found that rub recipe on here.

i might just tweek my normal rub a bit. completely remove the heat. move the nutmeg and caraway to a honey glaze. all the flavors present (aside from the chipolte), but it different depths.
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I'd like to try that
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found it. this was the first rub that i made and, actually, is what i used as base measurements for my current rub.
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cool thanks PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Here is the one I tried. One can never have too many rub recipes.................Can they????icon_mrgreen.gif
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