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Gettin it fired up!

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Well, it's time for my first butts to go on the smoker! It's about 22 degrees out and foggy and the moisture sure makes it feel colder. I got two 6 pounders rubbed down with a slightly hotter version of Jeff's rub. Got the Captain Morgan mix ready to go for the butts and some of my favorite brews for me (coffee now, beer later!) Should be a good day of friends, food, and football!!!

Here are the preliminary pics:

Rubbed down and ready to wrap:

Ready for the smoke!
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Heck Yeh. Bring on the smoke. Looks like its going to be a fun day
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Very good looking day! Hopefully you will be sobber enough to take the final product pictures.

Party on!
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Everything looks good so far just keep the smoke a rollin.
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looks great so far, I hope you saved some of that rum mix for yourself as well.
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nice start, looking forward to the finished butts.
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Looks like a good start - have fun!
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Good luck!
Always a lot of fun (and some nervousness) when doing something like that for the first time, they look great so far!
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Well, here is the only pic I managed from yesterday's smoke. Everyone loved it! I also tried some of Jarod's "Brutal Baked Beans", along with some ABT's and potato salad. The beans were great! Not too sweet, just the way I wanted. No other pics because everything was scarfed up as fast as I could finish it!

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