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HELP! I have a question about lowest IT

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It is freezing here today and I am smoking a 9 lb butt. I was wondering, what is the lowest IT that I could go to foil and finish it in the oven? It has a good bark on it and the IT right now is 143 and that is after 9 hours on the smoker.

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If finishing in the oven I wold bring it to 160-165 then wrap and foil and finish in the *gasp! oven.
Or you could cuddle up close to the smoker to try and keep warm icon_wink.gif
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In the oven!!! Say it aint so!!! Put on a heavier coat. Drink more beer. Do jumping jacks but not the oven.
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Yeah! Part yourself by the SFB and pour yourself a cup of coffee with some Bailey's in it.
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143 after 9 hours? What temp are you smoking at?

At 9 hours, I expect a 9 lb butt to be done.
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I am smoking it at 225-230 but it is difficult to maintain that temp in this weather. 30 degrees.
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that's what i was thinkin.........i would have put that in the oven a while ago. are your themos accurate?
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Once it gets to 140 it should have a good smoky taste to it. You could foil it now and put it in the oven "butt" thats going to affect the bark you get. I'd leave it on for a while longer myself. Last butt I did it was 12 degrees outside. Break out the Wild Turkey antifreeze and keep on smokin!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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My question is how long has it been near 140??? Cause you know the saying 40 to 140 in 4 hours now I'm not sure if that would pertain to you where it's 30* outside or not but that thing should have been done along time ago. I would get thats fire up as high as I could and if you can get it to 160 then foil it and go into the oven. I know alot of folks here wouldn't understand but you put it in the oven and we will keep that between us.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That is a long time to 143. I would check my probes. I would be concerned that your temps aren't correct somewhere. It doesn't matter how cold it is outside, if your smoker is running at 250 degrees the internal on that butt should have hit 140 in less than four or right at 4 hours. If you are actually smoking at 225 to 250 the outside of your meat should have hit 140 in less than an hour making it safe to insert the temp probe. If you put the probe in when you put it in the smoker, and it took 9 hours to hit 140, your gonna risk internal contamination and the risk of illness.

Even if you didn't insert your probe before the surface hit 140.... I'd be concerned. If I'm going to foil I will do it anywhere between 140 and 160.
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