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smoked cod

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well I decided to smoke some cod

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here it is before the smoker
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Wow, that looks'd you like the end product?
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very good,I started by brushing maple syrup then a dry rub of brownsugar,garlic powder and onion granules
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Looks good, what wood and temps did you use? Dont leave us hanging. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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sorry used alder and ran it at about 225 for around 2.5 hours
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Now thats some great looking fish you have there Adam.
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1Adam12 - Check - 10-4, ROGER THAT!

Dang, that is some goooood looking grub you got.
Thanks for sharing.
Next time, don't be so stingy with the details.. ;o)
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Some good looking fish there. Nice....
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