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Here is one I almost forgot......

33. Use it for a sun tanning lotion and then lay out in the hot sun for an hour or too. Whether you'll clear the beach or attract a lot a would be Q lovers, I don't know. Anyway....get out of the sun when you reach an internal temp of 160* (your done)....!
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34) Put bucket in back of my truck and drive down the road with tail gate down, when the coast is clear...FLOOR it

35) Great Replacement for Dapper Dan

36) Great to lube up the golf course at night, fill up the holes

37) Neighbor Pool was a little low last night

38) Give it to my boys in a bucket after dark and tell them they have to take it way back in the yard and watch them run like hell and slosh it all over each other as I yell like a Coyote or the booger man and see which one gets a ass whoopin from momma for playing in it...<------My favorite

39) If you chill it in the fridge you can pull the top off and use it like butter..Good on toast with a nice smokey flavor
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I use mine to kill grass along my neighbors fence... They keep wondering what kind of poison I am using to kill their grass for them... I do not tell them either...
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I pour out my water pan, and lump charcoal ash into the gulley behind my house, It will be good plant/deer food I am hoping.
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#40 use it like car wax on your windshield to help bead up the water during a rain storm.

#41 use it to rehydrate your windshield wipers

#42 use it instead of axle grease
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This is GREAT will it be a sticky?
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#43...... I'm surprised someone hasn't thought about putting it in a bottle and selling it....they could call it "ANYTHING' know us here in the U.S....we'll buy anything !!!

Q Dawg
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#88 - fill inflateable kiddy pool and toss in two bikini clad co-eds!

#89 - see if you can hire Fabio to market it as the next "I can't believe it's not butter" flavor!
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....Rub on buddy's tent flaps and sleep soundly in bear country.

....pour into the spare tire well in ex-wife's trunk.

.....keep a coke bottle sealed under the seat and pour on seat or windshield of the car of the guy who just had to cut you off for the perfect parking spot..
or in my case the guy who parks across the curb cut-out.
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