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First Butts w/ Q-view

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I did my first Butts a few weeks ago and am finally getting some photos posted. I did 2 6lb butts. I rubbed them with Jeff's rub and spritzed them every half hour with a mix of apple juice and Capt. Morgan. I smoked them over a mix of hickory and apple. Here are a few pics.

Rubbed and ready.

Smokin' at sunrise.

Ready to pull.

Sorry forgot to take a photo after it was pulled. By that time all I could think about was sitting down to some wonderful eats. My family loved it and we were able to freeze some for later.
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Doesn't look like first time stuff to me!!! Way to go. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice looking butt. I agree w/ Dave, doesn't look like first time stuff to me either. Nice job. points.gif
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Now thats one fine looking butt you have there. points.gifFor the first one of many to come I'm syre.
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points.gifWow excellent job, that had to be good
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Say can you email me a taste ? Looks great .. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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points.gif Looks great...a Taylor probe? I like it better than the Accurite. You don't need've got the pork looking good.

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prepared with the flashlight and all.... Smokin pork as the sun sets in that North Dakota sky.... ahhhhhh poetry
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Thank you all for the kind words. I can't wait to do a couple more, but I will wait for a little more favorable weather. The same view of the sunrise would be very white now with about 2ft of snow covering the yard.
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a couple weeks ago?? There's no snow on the ground. So you mean like September couple weeks ago, LOL?

That sunrise pic is awesome.
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You smoked these a few weeks ago??????? Where is all your snow????????? Maybe I will take some of my snow from Fargo and send it your way. haha The butts look great.
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Looking Good
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We have plenty of it now. That same shot would should it 2 ft deep next to the concrete. This was before Christmas, which is when we got all of our snow.
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