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Jerken your Pork Q-View

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Hey guys been needed to do a real Q-view from start to finish so here we go!

The Rub:

I've never heard of Boston Dry Jerk but hey I love me some jerk chicken so i'm giving this a shot!

I also picked up this which i'm going to smother the pork in.

It smells and taste amazing. Wasn't to spicy!

Got my stuff all ready to prep.

And on the smoker at 45* outside temp.

I've modded my POS free smoker w/ my turkey fryer bottem that I saw someone else on here do. I like it alot better than having to use lump.

I'll post some more photos in a bit!
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Looking and sounding great so far.
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Very light Thin Blue Smoke!
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Well about 8 hours at 165* moved her to a foil pan.

can't wait to dig in!

I can say that once i get the propane dialed in to were the smoker keeps a steady temp i really is kind of walk away for a bit. I always found that i tended my offset smoker every 30-40 just to check on her and maybe add another stick.
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Ya Mon,
Well being A Jamarican I can tell you first hand about that seasoning you have there. First off the town of Boston in Jamacia is all about Jerk and it has the hottest jerk in the whole country. Just ask any real Jamacian. It is pretty good and they make a jerk sauce/marinade it's not pretty it green in color with some chunks in it and it will lite you up. Put on some gloves cause the chunks are Scotch Bonnets peppers and go to the bathroom before hand too. But thats seasoning is really good on almost everything in Jamacian. If you want some real Jamacian seasoning you need to get a product labaled Ocho Rios brand. Thats real and from Jamacia
Rastafari for ever
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Looking Good...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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sorry i didn't post the rest of these last night was kind of tired but man were these good!

Just pulled from a hour rest in the oven!

Just pulled! Best pulled pork yet!

2 sammys justs for me!

The spicy garlic sause didn't do much but help make some bark on the out side and was very mello in flavor. The jerk rub that i used gave the meat a mello jerk flavor as well. My and the wife both loved it! Can't wait for lunch today!
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Great looking sammies and love the jerkieness you added to it.
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Great lookin' smoke. Where did you get the rub and sauce? Sounds like a flavor I'd like to try.

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I got it at resturant depot.
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