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cajun injector

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St Nick was good to me this year. I've quite a bit os experience w charcoal and w gas, but none w elec. Would appreciate comments re the cajun injector as a species and w elec's in general.
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Got a picture of it by any chance?
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My pop got one for Christmas also, and so far I've sampled the pork butt, and one of the six racks of ribs he's done. WOW! that stuff was awesome. I thought I read on here somewhere that the Cajun Injector is made by Masterbuilt??? Not sure though. All I know is that it is capable of putting out some outstanding meats. Congrats on the new toy.
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Yes it is made by Masterbuilt.
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Now that looks like one fine smoker.
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I have the cajun injector too, just follow recommendations for use on any masterbuilt posts that interest you.
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another question

Thanks, especially to nozzleman.

One more question: How long should it take to reach desired temp? I'm getting food cooked by about the time it reaches the temp I've got set.
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Just wondering how hot this gets on the outside and the bottom. Is it safe to use on a wooden deck?
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Someone else asked same question I think. There is no problem setting this on the deck, mine is sitting on a wood stand, there are no heat marks on the wood. It has adjustable feet that it sits on.
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