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jerky from pork

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can you make jerky from pork? thanks Hoss
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Some people do. the best cut would be the boneless pork sirloin end...
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are there any tricks or temps to worry about??
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Not sure I haven't tried it myself yet...its on my list.icon_mrgreen.gif
A friend of mine does it for his butcher shop he owns. just uses pork sirloin end sliced thin (with the eye removed) instead of beef in his jerky recipie. I want to try to make a sweet n' sour pork jerky recipie!!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
just remember to use cure salt and stay below 150* should work out fine.
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thanks sob nice pups you got
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I would imagine you can, I have made turkey , and goose jerky before and it came out good I dont see any reason why you couldnt use pork, as long as you make sure and cure it properly.
might turn out tasting more like dried ham? but heck, give it a try and let us know how it turns out
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keller meats here in medina cty ohio jerks about anything includind a sweet pork and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm they will also sell u seasonings 7 -8 bucks to to 15lbs I just made 10lds beef and mmmmmmm
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Pork jerky

I have made it several times out of pork loin the same as beef with no problems. I read on one forum one guy had resevations about final temp. He said it should be at least 165f to be sure. Mine never gets over 150f so to each his own. Piker
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