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Hawaiian Sweet And Sour Baby Back Ribs W/Qview

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First run with the new MES.

I actually got 2 free so it was a good deal as there was some confusion at the checkout counter.

Ever notice when something is on sale you have to trim the fat? Never trimed ribs at the restaurant, hmm.

For the new members this is the best way to remove the membrane, just lift it off at one end and pull with a paper towel, with one pull.

The Yoshidas was from Dave (Piginit) and the rub from Paul (BeerBBQ), thanks guys.

My Christmas present from Dave, I don't have access to the Hawaiian, so thanks again Dave. This is the first time using it.

This was my care package from Paul, thanks again.

I will be doing them at 230' with hickory and depending on the pull back go from there.

I could smell the smoke now, yum. Thanks for watching.
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Looks like a great start Ron. That sweet sour flavor with ribs sounds interesting I may have to try it. I just bought 4 racks of baby backs on sale this weekend at $3.99 lb. Cheapest I have ever seen them around here. I never could find a membrane so to speak with baby backs. I always wind up just scraping a knife along the back and taking whatever comes off.
Keep us posted with the qview. biggrin.gif
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Nice start, now lets see the finish.

I thot your pic was supposed to be on those Yoshida bottles ron.
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I knew it

I knew you would find something to use the sweet and sour on.

I was going to PM you but been busy at work.

Sweet and Sour is the only flavor that I can find at my Sam's.

Can hardly wait to see how they turn out.
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Where can I get that Hawaiian Yoshidas????? icon_wink.gif
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I think I was at Sam's club in
Joliet IL.
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This is their website. You can look there it is a is an interesting read and how he got started.
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Great start Ron. How did the new MES run? I bet the ribs were awesome!
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Tick.......... Tock........

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Our Sam's here in Charleston, WV has it. Call your local Sam's, they may carry it also.
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Lookin good!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif So where's the chow???? tongue.gif
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Just came off now, will post Qview tomorrow. Batteries are charging.
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Looking forward to the Q-view. Will be just in time for breakfast here.
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Looking good Ron.
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What happened to the finished shots Ron PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif

Bet the ribs were good, love that KC rub!
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All I can say is they were the best ribs I have ever eaten.

It took nearly 3 hours and no pullback to speak of, so i just foiled them.

2 Hours in the foil.

I still don't know what made them so good. The texture was perfect and what you bit is what you got. Very tender and juicy. They came off the bone just like they showed on the competition show on TLC. Carol was going to try one bone and ate 5 biggrin.gif and she usually likes the fall off the bone style.

The final time was 3- 2- 0. That sauce and rub was a perfect match. Now I have look for a source for the Hawiian Yoshidas.icon_wink.gif

Thanks for watching.
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Wow Ron, them look great. I just sitting here waiting for my spare ribs to get done. I hope mine taste as good as your's look. Great Job!
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Ron, ypou do have a flair for flavors. Excellent smoke and Q my friend.
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I got yer source right here!

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Those sure look good Ron, it must be the new smoker, it couldn't be the Yoshidas...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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