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I can't seem to keep my GOSM under 190 degrees. I've had my loin halves in for about an hour and the internal temp is at 88 already. I was hoping for a longer, deeper smoke. I have the chip pan full of small hickory chips and a 1 qt. pot full of water. I have to keep the door open about a half inch to maintain 190 degrees. Is this common to GOSM's ? I normaly run it a bit higher for everything else so it has not been a problem..
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Why are you trying to keep the temp low? They are cured but still need to be cooked. You need to get the smoker temp up to at least 225 and get them smoked. You're running a risk of food poisoning if you don't.
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well i want to get a good deep smoke on them before i get them to 150. Uless i'm all screwed up, i was under the impression that bacon was good to go at 140. i'm at 95 right now after only 1 and a half hours.. I'm well within my 40-140 4 hour time frame

I greatly appreciate your help and input! This is my first shot at cb. I have only cured and smoked elk and deer meat
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If you cured those then the 40-140 rules don't apply. If I'm doing Canadian Bacon in my GOSM I use a couple of charcoal briquettes in the chip pan with the chips and leave the smoker off for 2-3 hours refilling briquettes or chips as needed then I crank the smoker after the 2-3 hours and I take mine to 160 so it doesn't have to be cooked again. We use it in sandwiches most of the time
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The temp you take the cb to determines what you do with it afterwards and vice versa. If you take the cb to 140 you still need to cook it before you eat it. You could slice and pan fry it as needed, but you'd still have to cook it. If you take it to 160 it's safe to eat without any further cooking needed.
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That's what you were telling me the other day. I ran out of bricks in my drum so I'm trying to keep it low like i did with the elk meat over coals and chips in the box. I plan on slicing this as needed and frying for breakfast and whatnot

Go Cards
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Then I would do as you are and prop the door a little and get the amount of smoke you can its hard to get a GOSM to run at low temps some people do a needle valve mod and get some lower temps but I haven't tried it personally
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Hey Irish, thanks a ton! I guess i wasn't explicite about my intentions here. I do plan on cooking the meat so 140 is where i want to go. I may even go up to 145 or 150 at the max.
Piney, I had the same thought of the valve. I was also thinking of fabiing a small tube with about 15 or 20 orifices to allow for a lower temp..
i had a hard time with some fish i did as well..
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