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GOSM model with drawers for pan, chip box

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Today (Sat., Jan. 9), I bought the medium-size GOSM at the Bass Pro Shop in Orlando. It was a new model that they literally put out on the floor as I was looking at the older floor model. (The salesman said they had just received it earlier today.)

I had gone to Bass Pro Shop fully intending to buy the GOSM Big Block model, but the new medium model has two drawers, one for the water pan and one for the cast iron wood chip box. Otherwise, it is the same as the former medium model, including the price($169.99). Having the two drawers sold me because at least 90 percent of what I will do on the GOSM will fit in the medium model. I am graduating from the ECB, which has really served me well for a few years, so the medium GOSM seems huge compared to that.

For those who might want to check out the new model at the store, the label on the box calls it the "Easy Access Gas Smoker." It's model 3405GLA. I have not seen it at
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Cool, any pics?
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I have a small GOSM and I used it for years and I worked it pretty darn hard too. It a good unit and still works right now. I haven't seen this new model out there like you said with the shelfs. I guess it would be nic to open a door then to open the whole front of the smoker.
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I will post some as soon as I get a chance. icon_smile.gif
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Congrats on the new smoker that fits your needs! Looking forward to q-views.
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Congrats on the new rig. I have often wondered why GOSM didn't design a second access door, so you could add water and wood without opening the cook chamber.
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I have one of the "new" BB GOSM (purchased in November). I think they have been slightly modified since Landmann took over the brand. Mine came with 4 racks, I've read old posts where people who bought a BB that had 3 racks. Glad to see that they are upgrading the medium sized model. The "drawers" for firebox and waterpan are super useful. I do use channel locks to pull the firebox and take off the lid mid-smoke as those suckers are extremely hot.

I would love to see some pictures of the medium sized features to see if things have changed since I purchased my BB.
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So anyone have a picture of this new GOSM yet?

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I'll be at the local Bass Pro Shop picking up some grinder plates, so I'll take a picture of it, as I remember seeing it there a week ago.
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