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read this.

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i put out a local add on pc want to buy metal lined fridge,one door not working i get a reply back on one for 20 bucks and it still works but freezes up and needs a thermostat the gentleman says. i am going to use a single hot plate in it , hope i am not messing up a working antiqueicon_mrgreen.gif
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Your not .But your are making a smoker, better use of it if you ask me .
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I you feel like your messing it up ??Thats a personal thing I thnik if it were me and I wanted an old refrig for a smoker I would grab it. Then if you want it to tinker with and see if you can get it runnig then do that. But I'm voting on the smoker.
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Yeah, if I was gonna make a bet... It be on the Smoker...
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thats what i thought. get it ,sand it, paint it and keep out of weather in shed for years to come. thanks for the opinions. will post pics of uds and fridge later.. djicon_wink.gif
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