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boneless butt question

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Hey all. I got a boneless butt yesterday... (all they had at the store) does a boneless butt take just as long? What are some things to look out for when smoking boneless? Gona throw it on in a little bit.. its -4 got my ecb wrapped in blankets. my water dish is filled with sand and to warm the sand i put a little boiling water in the dish.... I also have a beer butt chicken, and about 20 abts that will be going on later. qview to follow. Cheers!icon_cool.gif
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I haven't noticed any difference in cooking times between the boneless, and bone-in butts. The boneless butts are usually tied up with butchers twine so they don't fall apart when smoking. Good luck!
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i've never done one, so i can't give you an exact time, but yes, a boneless butt should be done sooner than a bone-in one (i am saying this becuase i would think they weigh less and also because time/energy isn't spent heating up the bone). keep an eye on your internal temperatures and remove it from the heat when it is in the 190-195 range. rest for at least half an hour and you should be good to go!
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The bonelss butt shouldn't cook to much differently as far as times go. Sounds like your going to pack your ECB plum full!!! Good luck and dont forget the QVIEW!!!!
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I buy my BUTTS by the 2 pack about 17 pounds. 2 BONE IN BUTTS in the package, then I cut them in HALF to get 4 smaller butts to cook in faster times...

My point is, the big 'bone-ins' don't have the bone running all the way threw, so when cut in half I get 2 with bone and 2 without.... they both cook same time same way, I have seen no difference!!

In fact I'm doing 4 today...
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qview post

came out pretty good. 4 lbs of butt came out great. beer butt chicken was better than ever. The bird and butt were done way early so i foiled em then wrapped em in a towel then into the cooler for dinner! i smoked some eggs (1st time)as well for breakfast... only took an hour!
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Nice smoke
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