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Bacon Weave Tutorial

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Here's the best I could do with the Bacon Weave Tutorial. After you look at the pics, there's really no need for explanation. If ya need some, give me a holler..

1. I lay wax paper down

2. Lay down either horizontally or verticley

3. Fold back every other row.

4. Lay a piece down.

5. Lay the folded row back down and fold back the other rows.

6. If ya look close at the pics, you'll see that you alternate after laying down a piece of bacon.



Continue alternating the pieces that you pick up and fold over until you have reached the end.


I hope this helps. Just look at the pics closely and you'll see how I'm doin it. This is the easiest way I have found to weave bacon.

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Nice post and tutorial
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Very nice there ray and thanks for that tutorial.
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nice skillzz there. You must've aced basket-weaving 101!
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I am going to prep my first fatties here in about an hour and was going to skip the weave, but you make it look so easy! THANKS!
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Well done. Nice tutorial!
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Nice Tutorial...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Excellent tutorial, Ray!!

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I was so into doin this right that I never thought that I didn't have a chub to wrap up in this bacon. So, I grabbed a 1 1/4 lbs of burger that I had sitting in the fridge and flattened it out and threw four different kinds of cheeses and mushrooms in it and froze it for another day.

A fatty made from burger? Huh, would that even be called a fatty?

I did take pics but they will be in a thread when I smoke it.
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Cheeseburger fatty, perhaps??

You may have started somethingPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Good job, another task I had trouble with at first-mostly with how many strips to use, kept coming up short. The pictures really say it all. points.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thank you. Just what I needed...

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Glad you took the "tutorial hint" Ray. I've given this thread *Sticky* status.
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LOL. Thanks Dutch. I just know when I first came here I had a heak of a time trying to do the weave. After the second time I just stood there and studied it and it sunk in. lol
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Congrats on your sticky! It's like being immortalized on the SMF
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Thank ya Dude. Like I told Dutch, I really don't have any of my own recipes to contribute, I was just tryin to figure out ways to give-back to SMF for turning me, and my family into, smokin addicts.
Thanx again,
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Thanks, Silverwolf!

Now that you see it step by step, it is far easier to figure out.

My fatties will no longer go without their proper porcine parkas!

Great stuff!points.gif
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I believe you ARE on to something with the ground beef...I can see that easily replacing meatloaf done in the oven!
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thanx ray, nice tutorial looks easy and answered all my questions.
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Great tutorial. Congrats on the sticky. Thanks, this will help a bunch of us.
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