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First of all, the basis of the smoker is almost exactly the same as the one shown here.

Its amazing how close our designs are actually, and I had found that exact burner and was going to use it as well, but I have some questions. I had found this same burner, and wow I underestimated its size. I too am going to build a 2x2x4 box, but I am going to put it on 1' legs and build a smoker box below it so I can use its full height.

My question is, i noticed he said his low temps are 180....I need to be able to start at 120 when I do sausages and snack sticks and summer sausage. Is this burner too big or or can I turn this one down enough with proper venting to run those temps.

Also, I assume with a burner this size at 30,000 btu I shouldn't need to insulate even if its a metal box, or is this a bigger concern. I smoke in 0 degree weather alot lately so if I need to worry about it let me know. My box is wood now so its been relatively insulated already, so I am not sure how big of an effect a steel box makes in 0 degree weather.

Any insight you guys can give me would be great. I would use another burner if anyone has some suggestions of one with a wider range of heat without blowing out, my only concern is the venturi needs to be outside the box because I don't want to run a rubber hose inside.