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another problem

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Well, I had to take the plastic door jam out and found caulk and glue at the corners inside the freezer. I thought of using a torch and burn it out.then put the racks in. would this be a good idea? Thank You for your help.I hope this will work and I can get smoking.
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i ahd the same problem. we had to fabricate some sheetmetal and screw it in there. we used 100% silicone caulk to seal it up. no more problems once it got cured properly.
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I pretty much did what Omaha did. I made flashing trim to fit, riveted in place. The bath and kitchen caulk I use is rated to around 700 deg. IIRC. If you need to remove some of the original gunk, I would try a heat gun before a torch. Open flame worries me in that situation. Especially in the garage.
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I spent about 5 hrs getting the old caulk out. I used a big screw driver and knife.then I used a torch OUTSIDE and cleaned everything good.Today the inside shell goes in and hang the door.next a stove pipe.thanks for you input.
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