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First smoke in my new USD!

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Ok so I just had to smoke something so I defrosted a chuck roast and rubbed it with some kosher salt and pepper while the smoker was coming up to temp. I apologize for not having Qview of the prep but I've been busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger around here.

Here's my idea of snaking the fire around the basket...
I will take any and all criticism..

At this point the chuck had reached 145 so I wrapped it and put it back on... Now what to do? I know, defrost some thighs to go along with it..

Point blank quail with a six shot or partially pulled chuck?

Love smoke rings... Egad, bad pic, sorry

Ahh, pulled chuck... Thighs came out good, some were eaten and the rest were in the fridge at this time..

I meant UDS....
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looks like the drum worked well!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Excellent looking results!

I am going to build an UDS, apologize for thread jack to ask couple questions on your cool looking equipment. Interesting / clever looking 'snake' method. It appears you have one intake hole near bottom? The coal basket looks like it has some sort of frame bolted / welded for easier retrieval?

High marks!

Point blank quail with a six shot or partially pulled chuck?

That is funny.
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Great looking smoke especially for a first run
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Looks like a great well does it work? Are your fire breaks terracotta?

Thanks, John
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Well i looked at the burn pattern when I opened it to wrap and the fire had just made it to the far end of the basket and had not touhed off any coals on the other side so I guess I can say it worked well. These are just non-sealed roof tilles. I had them in my Char-Griller for tuning but I dropped them and they broke in half. worked fine here.
I thunk I want to push the coals to the outside and use about half as many on my next smoke. I was running 240 after about 11 hours and I think it could have run longer had i not took the lid off..
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Check out some builds in the smoker equipment area..
I used the large bung from the lid and welded it in place on the bottom. 2" pipe threads right in and the tapered threads seal it right up. I extended the intake up to there so i don't have to bend down and to keep from bashing into the valves with things. I plan on welding up a small table for thermos and whatnot in the future.

The basket is two pieces of 1/4x12x24 expanded metal from Home Depot. I used some safty wire to hold the metal around the grate and then I bolted it together using some old atv rack mounts I had laying around. I held the grate (weber charcoal grate at Hpme depot) up about 3 inches so I did not have to fab any legs..

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Good idea on the fire break and a great looking smoke. Congrats on your maiden voyage.
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Yummy looking' eats,Nice job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Have you already posted pics of the UDS?
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Yep, right here..

I have to finish the damper and then do some add ons but for now she's functional.

Thanx for all the replies everyone... Good to have a smooth first run!
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