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Saving Nut Shells

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I just thought of this, does anyone save the shells from various nuts for smoking wood? Seems like there might be some unknown flavors out there like chestnut, sunflower,........icon_idea.gif
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There are several posts using Pistacchio nuts - the idea of using pecan shells or walnuts is very interesting
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Never thought about that, I put all the shells from nuts crushed and into the compost pile, good for it.
Never put the nuts in the compost though.
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I have used both pecan shells and whole hickory nuts for smoking. They work great just like the wood.

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Anyone know of a place that would sell pecan shells by chance? i seen smokecage has them but no where else really.
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Pistacchio shells

Here in NorCal, we have a lot of Pistacchio groves. Most of the shells are ground up as a supplement for bird food. I just bought 10# of pistacchio shells fro $12.40. Used abut 2.5# on the first smoke. They lasted for about 30 minutes of smoking. IMHO they are not worth the price or time.
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Now that does sound alittle expensive to by them but if you eat the nuts I guess it wouldn't be that bad I guess.
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