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New Years. Brisket, Lamb, Ribs, ABT's, and Chicken Wings

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I'm posting this in Beef since there isn't an "Overkill' section. Anyhow, we wanted to stay off the roads on New Years Eve, so we cooked out and played dice games here all night.

The QView may be a little was New Years afterall

Here's the brisket flat, and the rub I threw together

5.20lbs Brisket

Rubbed and wrapped, put back in fridge for about 6 hours

Here is where I should have got more pics....My buddy came up from Yuma with a marinated Lamb leg. He has a tried and true recipe from his fam, and I had to do a little convincing to get him to smoke it rather than grill it. I also had a rack of Babybacks, and a rack of spares that I only trimmed the bottom flap off. Oh yeah, and some pepperoni/cream cheese ABT's in my new ABT holder (xmas gift from Mrs. ThunderDome)

Here they are after who knows how long on the smoker

Here is our 9:00 snack break in the works...One friend had already called it a night at this point. There must have been something in the beer???

ABT's fresh off the grill. They were a hit! My wife and I only got one. Gotta be fast with this group I guess. Our LCR dice in the background

My ABT. Yes, I got weird looks for taking a picture of my appetizer

And finally we are the ribs (forgive the picture taking at this point)

Leg of Lamb

And the Brisket

Until the next one...
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looks like an enjoyable evening at home while the ametures are out getting DUI's

i see some cash on the table, musta been a tip for the chef?
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Very Nice smoke - looks like everyone had enought good food to eat and sounds like ya might have had some tiddlys too
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How was the Lamb? It all looked great. What a great way to bring in the new year.
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I had no clue costco sold briskets. What is the per lb cost, the red mark is in the way? Looks to be 2.99, correct me if im wrong.

Looks good. Been looking for a quality brisket but are hard to find. I can source the cheap select all day but why. Also called a local "butcher" and they have 18lb briskets FROZEN for me. yea right.
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Unbelievable! I taught you well!
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We were playing dice games with a few dollar bets here and there.
Also played some LCR...i didnt win
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everything looks great, but that brisket looks awesome.

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The lamb turned out good, unfortunately too many people over did it on the stuff they were more comfortable with. More leftovers for me though

They have great brisket. it was $2.79/lbs

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Wow, impressive spread there! I'm barely trying to crank out one type of meat at a time... hope to be as skilled one day :)
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It all looks awesome... especially the smoke ring on that brisket...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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I food saver'd the last of the brisket. I can't say enough about those things
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Man, I need to move. This Iowa weather slows me down. Would love to fire some stuff up that like. Nice!
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