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last pit addition

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Does anyone know the best way to go about adding a sink to my mobile. This is the last thing that I will be adding on and I'm kind of confused and not to sure about any websites that might have a setup that I might be able to use. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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All you would need is a tank and a small pump to get the water to it and I'm sure there are alot of folks here that will come to your aid. Maybe you can check at a moblie home place or even a RV supplier place too.
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Something I did for my wifes horse trailer to water horses and such was to use a 55 gallon plastic tank, like you see on atv type spray rig. Then I bought the 12 volt pump and hooked it up with water hose from tank to input on pump and hose out of pressure side. Wired the pump into park lights on truck for power, or could use 12 v battery mounted on trailer. Worked great for any water needs she had, even put a hose sprayer on the end to wash and rinse horses. I think pump maybe cost 70-80 bucks and about the same for tank.
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Depends on what you're planning to do with your rig and where you plan to do it.

If you're looking to serve food as a biz you'll need hot & cold water, a 3 bay S/S sink for wash, a separate sink for hand washing, a potable water approved tank, a grey water holding tank and more.

If you're just looking to rinse your hands & utensils a simple tank with a pump will do, a small water heater would be nice.

If your using your rig at parks & fairgrounds, most all of them will not allow you to let a sink drain on the ground so a complete drain system & holding tank will be mandatory.
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