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Forgot to mention, the remains of the carcass are now in a big stock pot boiling down to make duck stock.

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I didn't get any pics of the duck sliced up and served, since the camera decided to die after I took the finished pic.


Basically, what I did was stuff the duck with some onion, carrot, orange and apple, as per bbally's directions, then smoke roasted it with some mesquite wood mixed with some apple. Instead of briquettes I used Basques lump charcoal, which is pure sugar maple. I didn't get that really nice colour that bbally got, mine was a bit lighter. 

Unfortunately, I let it go a bit to long. Still very tasty, but just didn't quite have the texture of a perfectly cooked duck. 


Fortunately, my local grocery store had duck on sale for 2 bucks per pound and I bought 8 of them, so I've got some chance to experimenticon_wink.gif

2 bucks a pound?  That is a great price!!!!!


Nice looking duck......

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Yeah, sometimes I get silly prices on meat. It seems like the local stores decide to get silly on meat prices just to get customers to come in.

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This looks great! I have a couple of wood ducks which are much smaller than domestic, any ideas on cooking time adjustments?

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I doubt you are going to get a reply from the OP on a 3 yr old post. I recommend starting a new post and linking to this post as a reference point.
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