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i guess hot dogs are type of sausage.....and if they are smoked they must be good!

with all the fancy shmancy cookery 'round deez parts i figured i'd do a little low brow smokin while i get the smoker up 'n running for some thighs a little later.
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dogs are great on the smoker rob-have some on while doing a long smoke-great for snacks or lunch-they sure look good.
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not a hot dog fan but i discovered smoked dogs while doing a turkey demo for a local bbq store.........muscled the kid for a couple of these!
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smoked dogs PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
make em at work now & then they go over great.
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Those look great Rob. What do you have going on the right side? Are those the thighs you were talking about?
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no, those are beef backs.....those were gone when the lil lady came home. the chix are almost done..........
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here are the thighs getting crisp on the side box..........
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NICE - Looking good
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Now I've got a craving for a hot dog. Looks good
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I Love thighs, going to have try the dogs, Great idea for a snack although I always throw on some ABT'S just for that purpose.
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