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First grind... with Qview...and some questions..

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Santa left a meat grinder under the tree.

I had a CAB Chuck Roast in the freezer and decided it was time to grind up some burgers.

Diced up the Chuck...

Went to the smallest die -

Also got a burger press....

Weighed out the burger - each was about 6 ounces...

And the finished product....

I cooked them a little more then I typically like but thought they were pretty taste. Big Al went back for seconds.
I liked the texture and the flavor.

Now, the questions...
I started with the biggest die then went to the smallest - is that necessary or can I do straight to the small die?

If you are changing the die out in between - what's the easiest way to get the first die out to get the second one in

Is there an easier way to clean up the smallest die clean??? I took a toothpick and cleaned out each hole - that was a pain. Any suggestions?

Thanks for looking, and thanks for the feedback -
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Always best to step if you are under one horsepower on your grinder.

Take the screw end off, pull the auger and strip the meat off it, put the auger back in and the small plate on, screw the end cap back on to the barrel.

Soak in warm water for 20 minutes, use the sprayer to spray the holes out. Stuck holes will still require a tooth pick. Sanitize after cleaning with soap and water, then put the food grade grease to it.
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I agree with using the coarser plate first unless you have a large hp grinder.
Once I unscrew the end off the grinding head I turn the switch on for just a second and that will free the plate.
I use the same method Bob does for the plate washing except that I have a set of cleaning brushes designed for grinders that has different size brushes to fit the plates and the grinding head.
I use food grade silicone spray to coat everything after drying
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Great info guys - thanks!

Jerry - where did you get your brushes and food grade silicone spray?

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I got mine from LEM but I have seen the Food Grade Silicone spray at several places you might even check with a restaurant supply place if you have one nearby
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I always love a good burger!!!! Nice looking food you got here!
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I have always just soaked all the parts is pieces in hot water and then hit them with the sprayer dohickey on the sink and then scrub everything real good with a stiff brush. Then you should be good to go for another round.
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No answers to your grinder questions. But big kudos on a great looking burger! And congrats on the Christmas gift. That Santa can be good guy sometimes.
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Great first grind. I got the brush kit and the silicone spray together from BassPro. It was uner $20 including shipping. Much easier to clean.
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Nice Grinder, Looks like it did a good job...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Step your grinds with the size grinder you have. Your gears inside will like you
As for cleaning I would use any strong bristled brush or maybe a bottle cleaner brush would work after a soak.
The silicone spray can be found most places. I have seen it at walmart also. I got mine from a construction supply place. Good luck and nice grind
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I have the same grinder as you do.

I would step grind as others have said, however, I usually don't grind HB meat that fine. May try it.

Like others have said, unscrew the end cap and kick the motor a second and the plate pops right out.

I wash mine in hot soapy water - soaking if necessary. I used to use veg oil to coat the dies and blade, but this was a real pain because if you don't use them a lot, the oil gets gummy and rancid. Yuch.

Saw an Alton Brown show and he stored his dies and blade in a sandwitch bag with some uncooked rice. The rice absorbs any water and the stuf doesn't rust. Been doing that for a couple of years now. No mess, no fuss.
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Great ideal on the uncooked rice to absorb the moisture. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I use a baby bottle brush to clean my grinder, lol! Works good! I spray off the plates, the meat comes right out, and use silicone spray (I get mine from Butcher Packer:
I usually have enough of the center stud sticking out that I can grab onto that with a wash rag and pull the auger out to remove the plate and knife once I take off the 0 ring. The less I turn on the switch the better, it is usually the first thing to go as the grinder ages.
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As for the cleaning brushes, check with your local aquarium supplies store. They have a nice variety to fit all types of tubing and whatnot. I found one that'll take care of the 1/8th inch with no problem. I gotta remember that rice trick.
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I keep my plates and knifes mineral oil instead of using a spray.
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i just grinded my own chuck too and only ran it through the biggest plate and i thought the burgers were great, you might try that? i want to grind finer next time and see if there's a difference.
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HOT water works best. After grinding, try running some crackers- saltines or oysters, through your grinder. Seems to help clean things out pretty good.
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I really cant add anything to what was said other than lock up the cat cause you will be grinding everything from now on. I think sausage making was more addictive that smoking for me.

I too like a courser grind on everything but chrizo, I like it fine ground.

Good looking Burgers and congrats on the toys.
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