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20 lbs of butt

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Smoking two 10lb butts today. It was 17 F out with a wind chill factor of -2 when I started the coals this morning at 6am. Winds are anywhere from 25 - 35 mph. Good thing the Bandera is heavy, wouldn't want to have to be chasing the smoker around. Brrrr Nellie! Even with gloves on my fingers were hurting by the time I got back inside.

Butts were rubbed and injected with ShooterRick's SBC. Will be smoking at 250 (hopefully) with a mix of white oak and cherry.
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We will think warm thoughts for you today!
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Good Luck with those monsters Dawn, We're getting the same weather but with a ton of lake effect.
I'm looking forward to the finished Q-view
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They look great Dawn - good luck with the weather
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Hope everything goes well. Stay inside as much as you can.
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Looking good Dawn. How's the smoker holding temps?
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I put 2 butts on last night and it was -26 w/out the wind. My Mavrick temp remote froze.
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She's holding temps great, hardly any issues at all. Biggest problem is me not paying too much attention to the temp, lol.
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that is way too cold to be outside

your title intro was funny, sounds like a rap song title
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Put a pan of Dutch's beans in a little while ago and used my green thermapen to check the temp of the butts. They were both at 152.

Love the color on these!
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Looking good!

Is there a difference with the color of the Thermapens? I was given a black one as a Christmas present.
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As long as it's the same model of thermapen, they all work the same.
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You are a brave soul Dawn. I was whining while grilling some burgers.
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Butts are foiled and in the oven, I'm tired and frozen.

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All looks delicious.
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Wow that looks great - Glad you are finally getting warm again
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Oh yeah - big difference - the Red and Blue ones are much faster then any other color!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Great looking pile of meat and beans there Dawn!

points.giffor another great looking smoke and done in negative degree weather!
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thats what i am talking about
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