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We're with Ya Scarbelly

Our family is with ya. You can count on us. We know how it is. My wifes sister at the age of 32 died suddenly of heart failure four years ago. She left a husband and three little girls behind. It wasn't an easy one. She smoked and ate too much junk food is what they concluded after lookin at her heart.
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Well it is over and with some good news. She will live on in others lives thru the donor process. Her kidneys and some other organs have already been harvested and donated to save the lives of others. That to me is a fitting tribute to her life of giving to others and I love her and the family for making sure this happened.

Thank each and every one of you for your prayers of support and love. It means a lot to me. What a family we have here!
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At least some good has came out of this tragic event. May others be blessed from this. Will continue to remember her family in prayers.

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So sorry about the loss of your friend and So sad to hear that nothing could be done. At least She went on with the prayers of many of us going with her.

The organ donor program has greatly helped a friend of ours to live an extra 30 years so far.
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prayers sent from mn.
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