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check out this chuckie
a couple hours in
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what type of wood did you use? just asking because I plan on doin my first chuck in a few days and want to know what wood would be best. looks awesome BTW PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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What's the bacon wrapped stuff in the tub? And is that Yoshida's? Tell us a little more about it. Love that chuck!
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dude the bacon stuff is scallops and mini weinies
no yoshidas, just a nice jack, baby rays and spice sauce
my wood was cherry and hickory, smoked for about four hours
attached is a couple more pics
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Man, you know how to throw a party. Everything looks your smoking partner (bulldog) wanted a tray of that chuckie.
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Man oh Man Rick that food looks really good. I like the chuckie but I have a question for you. Why the foil on the tray?? Was it to catch the drippings ??
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thanks for the comments guys, just getting out of bed,not sure of the count but i think we went through about 10 cases and my party size jack bottle must have a hole in it cause it's empty. as far as i know only me and two other guys were drinking it! went to bed about four

Mballi i used the foil stricktly to catch the drippings because every rack in theGOSM was full and i didn't want the bbq sauce dripping on the stuff below.

didnt even get any pics of all the chicken wings, they were on the grill and in the deep fryer
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