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I read that link, and several others, a couple years ago when I was new to this site and started checking my own method against others. Thats not exactly how I smoke cheese but most folks dont have the experience or equipment that I do. One great thing about the whole outdoor cooking hobby is that most anybody can make something work and work well with minimal effort or experience, especially something as simple as cheese. Thanks for taking the time to share your efforts and results with us.
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Would love to hear your method, always interested in learning different ways to do things.
You know what they say, More than one way to smoke a butt PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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This is what I use, for now at least untill I finish my smokehouse.

I dont let a "skin" develope on the cheese. In my opinion any time the cheese is unwraped its losing moisture so I dont leave it unwraped any longer than nessesary. Exposing it to room temps seems to speed the drying effect substantially. My method is to get it unwraped, cut and in the smoker as quickly as possible with the smoker already fired and adjusted. Smoke for one hour. Then vacume pac the cheese as quickly as I can and get it back to the fridge. I am fortunate enough to have a garage seperate from the house that stays cool most of the year and is set up for processing food, a cold kitchen so to speak. I always allow the cheese to mellow for about a week, if I can stand to wait.

I'm not knocking any other method just sharing good information.
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Must be the weekend for this. I just tossed a few bricks in my smoker this morning. Don't know if I can wait the two weeks thoughicon_mrgreen.gif.
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Great looking cheese. thanks for the seasoning idea. Doing my first smoked cheese's today.
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Jim -

Although I am new to smoking, I attempted smoking cheese in my second smoke. It really did turn out well - after the 2 week mellow time. However, your post today is the best I have seen on this subject. Excellent Q-View! I will take your suggestions to heart and hope you will post the results in two weeks...

Thank you! points.gif
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I too an anxious for the time to pass and some updated pics. Everything looked great.
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FIU - I am about to start some cheese and will be following your recent experiments. Since over two weeks have passed, I am curious how things turned out (especially the chipotle/paprika experiment!)? I have looked for your update, yet have been unable to find it...
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Sorry, so many things going on and I used the cheeses over several days and didn't open them all at once. Wanted to post the update with them all together but out of them all the one I forgot to open (still in the back of the cheese drawer I assume) was the paprika one.
The other ones were great, the pepper one had a hell of a bite since the pepper was coated so much but it was great when melted, the hot oil one didn't really do too much so I will have to let sit longer next time.
As for the paprika one I'll have to look at it and make sure it's still OK to use but Meat Hunter has done a few really nice cheese smokes lately with different experiments.
Here are the links if you missed them...
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