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What temp to smoke Turkey Breast

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What temp do you smoke your Turkey breast? I have not smoked anything other than some yard bird and I did those at about 275 in my kettle. I will be using my GOSM and it will be my 2nd smoke on it so I need some help.
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275 or above should be fine.
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That hot? Is there something different about just doing the breast vs a whole turkey that you would raise the heat that much?
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I was wondering the same thing, is smoking just the breast any different than the whole bird? My brother offered to by the breast if i smoke it, just wanting more info.
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275- 300 low and slow on a turkey breast i have found to be a waist, smoking a breast takes a bit longer but other than that not much diffrence
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Temps of 225 will give you more smoke flavor but most times the skin will come out rubbery and un-edible and what some do is crank the heat up to 275-350 and get less smoke flavor but a crispy skin that is edible.
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