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NB Smoker Question

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I'm not quite sure where the best place for this is . I can get this smoker locally off Craiglist for $100 and was hoping I could get some opinions on whether it's worth it or not. The gentleman says it's around 3 years old.
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Long as the inside is in fine shape I would pick it up in a heartbeat.
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i'll take it. it's old enough that it's not the sheet metal one that i've got.
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Ditto check the fire box for wall thickness. If ok I would grab it.
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It is older than 3 or 4 years because it is one made before New Braunfels sold out to Charbroil..

It is well worth the price if it is not rusted out...
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Cool, thank you. I'll keep ya posted.
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Grab it, you will be amazed at what a little sanding and some paint can do for the outside. If the inside is sound go for it.
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I would start off by offering him $50.00 he will probably take it if you start to walk away...
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You got it! Nothing a little wire wheel won't take off looks like. Offer him up lower and see what happens!
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If it's a heavy gauge steel, go for it.
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