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Ebay grinder-stuffer

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Seems like a good deal with the free shipping. I have no experience with this paticular grinder though.
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I see their website list this as a 1200 watt grinder, not 1800 as this seller claims. I looked at Sam Baere grinders and everything I seen on them looked good, but I was looking at their commercial size and they were considerably more than what this seller is asking. I have a 1 hp grinder, weighs approx 75 pounds, this one 15 pounds. I did get mine off ebay and it is a workhorse of a grinder. Paid 400 plus for it. I say do some research on the grinders before buying. Also, read what he says about horsepower in the listing. To me, a 2 plus HP grinder should fetch a fairly higher price.

Theres allot of grinders out there, can make purchasing one confussing.
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looks good, kinda sounded like it was hurting at the end of the video lol i bet i could put bones through my 50 dollar one for that long.
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OMG. I just got that video to play that they show. You see how quickly that thing boggs down? I would be very leary of that one. If it boggs down like that with such a light load going it, that thing is going to heat up big time. Just my opinion, save that money and get one with a known reputation. Remember the old saying, you get what you pay for. And a 2.4 grinder for that price seems a little too good to be true.

Just my opinion.
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I too have been looking at this unit - when I went to their actual website it seemed to me that they were geared for making dog food and the video shows them running chicken with the bones thru the unit which I don't think anyone would do for sausage.

The one thing they fail to show is how it stuffs and that from what I keep reading is the bigger issue -
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I own the 1200 watt Sam Baere. As a grinder it works as advertised... as a sausage stuffer... well, it makes a good grinder. It fits my needs for grinding and for stuffing I use either a 5lb. horn or my Jerky Cannon, (I'm looking at a vertical stuffer for after the new year).
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They say that it is a 1800 watt (2.4 hp) grinder, but that is a peak rating. I think that rating is conveniently placed (OK, here is where I go all nerd on you guys) because at 746 watts per horsepower, for a 120 volt service, it will draw exactly 15 amps...which is the standard breaker size for a 14 gauge wire and most home convenience outlets.

I have a smaller grinder (1/2 HP continuous rating) and it works great, but I am not processing multiple deer through it either. For me making sausage and dinking around in the kitchen it works great, and it didn't cost an arm and a leg either. I guess it comes down to what you are going to be using it for, and only you can answer that question.
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I would treat a meat grinder the same as a smoke find the one u think will work and then go out and get the next sized bigger.

I started of with a grinder in that size and it took a lot of work to get things through. I immedatlyPacked it up and got a bigger one from cabellas and could have never been happier.

For just a bit more we could grind and stuff 10 times faster.

If speed is not an issue then it would be a food one to start off with. I would suggest getting one local so u could take it back if needed.
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This may explain it better as to how to judge tool power...
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I have a unit that looks exactly the same also weight but it is 1500 watts @0.80 hp. It cost $100.00 at Northern Tool with $20.00 shipping. It has worked great for me for years. Largest grind I had was about 150lbs. spread over 1/2 a day. Piker
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Look for that grinder at Northern Tool. You can catch it on sale for around $100 at times. I think the ebay seller inflated the power rating vs what NT specifies.

I have one from NT, and like it very much. It is powerful.

Don't run the shiny parts thru the dishwasher BTW, and don't ask me how I know.
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