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Pulled Pork

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Hi I am planning on making pulled pork for New Years Day. It has been a long tradition in the P.A. dutch country of having boiled pork and Sauerkraut for New Years day.(something to do with a superstition of having good luck).
Two questions I wonder how Sauerkraut will go with pulled pork (not boiled but smoked), and if I inject my butts with apple juce, will that change (other than flavor) the traditional pulled pork texture and consistancy?
Did anyone ever experiment with injecting for pulled pork?
I figured that we could put the Sauerkraut on top of the pulled pork that would be in a large hamburger roll for a sandwich. Any one ever tried these combos?
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I would think it should work great with the pulled pork, good on brats and dogs. Growing up always had the Sauerkraut and pork roast for new year's day. Now its pork, black-eyed peas , stewed tomato's, and greens.This year the pork will be smoked!
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