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specialty wood in Jersey

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I live in central jersey. I'm looking for a place where I can buy special hardwoods. Like apple cherry etc. Anyone able to ring in on where I can get it from. I get around north jersey with work so up there works to. THanks
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Wood will deliver to a local store, no delivery charge.
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Another member-Fire it up is from south jersey and sent me 50 pounds of peach wood....I believe he is near an apple/peach orchard....

He will prolly see your thread,but Jim is a great guy,so maybe p.m. him if he doesnt see this!!!!!!

He might be able to help....
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Should have said im looking for firewood not woodchips. Im guessing doitbest does not sell and ship firewood.. sorry for leaving that out...

thanks for the quick answers though!!!
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Thanks for the good words Alex PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Was away from the site for about 4 days, out smoking meat the other night and BAM! The first and worst sinus infection I have ever gotten, man it sucked.
Just about over it now though.

He sent me a pm and I gave him directions and such to the orchard where I get my wood, funny hing is he lives closer to the orchard than I do!
Maybe this coming year we will need to have a gathering of the members close by.
Jersey, PA, DE, MD and any that are close.
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Only telling the truth Jim...PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Gathering would be great.We should work on it over the winter....

Hope you feel better man....
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picking up from my local doitbest today!
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Hope you feeling better. Thanks for the reply. Ill pm you so I can get those directions too if you don't mind.

I think a member meeting would be a great idea!!!
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