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Tasso question

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I just recently found info about this pork. From all I have read it says cut shoulder into smaller pieces. I could just buy country style ribs as the lazy way out couldnt I?
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I guess you can use counrty style ribs but why??? Why don't you use a shoulder like you said because aren't they more expensive then shoulder or bone in butt. So if you want go right ahead. BUT
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I didnt know the cost of country style. Never messed with em just know about em.
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i am kind of a cheap a** and when i can get a bone in pork butt for .59 cents a # i get several. Tasso is just one of several dishs out of it.icon_smile.gif
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Go for it. Even if a butt is 40 cents a pound cheaper, you are only talking about spending around $3 more.....seems like a good use for the CSRs to me.
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