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Hello All

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This is awesome website and I'm very glad i found it i was really curios on what type of muscle meat you guys use for making beef jerky what i have found on google is Flank steak and round steak... anyone know something cheaper better? thanks very much...
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Hey Prime I saw you in chat,I a jerky maker also and when it's on sale I will use london broil ($1.39#) somtimes I use round when on sale.just try and find meats without to much fat-it's a pain getting it all out when you do a bunch.any more quwstions fell free to ask. welcome to SMF and come into roll call and give us a proper intro. we kinda noisy bout them things.
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Welcome To The SMF. I use bottom round myself, sometimes a london broil. I also use chicken/turkey tenders and pork loin.
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First off welcome to SMF and you'll like it here cause there are alot of good folks here that would just love to help you out with just about anything to do with smoking meat. Next would you please stop by Roll Call and tell us alittle about yourself and let us give you the big welcome that we like to give new members.
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Went shopping for some meat today to make my first batch of jerky and i could not fine crap to buy everyhtign was way over priced and no selction between 3 stores geuss ill half ot drive the 10 miles to ssome more stores......
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woot got a good deal today on some meat gonna cure it tonight and start smoking it tomorrow...
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