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newb question

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tomorrow I am starting a turkey at about 6am, and I was wondering if I threw on a fatty (first time), if it would mess with my turkey smoke at all?
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Temperature wise no. If you had them stacked or something, they could drip on the other, but throwing in a fatty will not affect your temperature.
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Only way it will affect your smoke is by making it even better PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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What He said icon_mrgreen.gif
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Anytime you add a fatty to something you run the risk of being a god to your family and friends and anyone else who might have your Q.

Good Q + Good Q = Great Q!

Can never have too much of a good thing!
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thinking pretty simple here, potatoes, eggs, onion, and cheese. Now i just need a tutorial on bacon weaving :")
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ok, I got the fattie all rolled up and put together, but the bacon weave wasn't big enough to wrap the whole way around, my question is, tomorrow morning, should I cook this with the non wrapped part up or down? Or am I just over thinking this? There will be a turkey underneath it if that has any bearing on your answers. thanks
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What you have to do after you roll the fattie and wrap it with the bacon weave. Then you wrap the whole thing in saran wrap then take hold of the ends real good and then just roll the fattie while holding the ends and it will tighten the whole fattie and bacon and it will compress the fattie so when you smoke it. It will stay together better. Then just smoke it as you plan to. Don't forget the Qview.
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all great advice...nothing much to add...except for get your smoke on !
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