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GOSM Temp issue

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Does anyone have any advise on how to fix low temperatures on a GOSM? I have the burner turned up as high as it will go and am only getting to 215 according to my ET73 thermometer. This is something that has jsut started in the last couple of smokes and I'm not sure what's happening. Any help is great appreciated. Ths picture shows the flame that is currently burning (on high) As for the other picture, Beef, it's what's for dinner Brisket point, 1st atempt at Rivistromi and brat's
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Check to see if the venturi valve attached to the burner has a piece of trash or something blocking it or maybe turn everything off and open the tank valve slowly and then relight and see if that helps
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sounds like you got a clog or something ...i would turn everything off and check the regulator and the line and then relight and see what happens....your flame looks all yellow and if i remember correctly it either your tank is low or you have a blockage , the flame should have some blue tips...
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I agree with what the others said and will add, look at the mixture screen and see if it has been clogged with grease. It's hard to see, you will have to remove the wood box and look at the burner tube where it fits over the orifice.

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Thanks for all of the advice, It sound like I'm going to have to go through and clean everything good after this smoke is done. Although a little slow, the smoke is progressing okay so far. I'll post what I find for future reference as soon as I dig into it.

Thanks again.
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I agree with these guys above me and it sounds like you have some trash in your fitting or line. The best thing to do is disconnect it and then re-connect it and see if you have dislodged what was clogging it. Could it maybe something like you have the wrong fitting like a natural gas instead of a propane fitting??
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It's most likely dirt someplace it should'nt be since I'm using the same 2 tanks that I have had since I got the smoker. I did turn off the gas and slowly reopen and relight and that seemed to help some but still running almost wide open to get the temperature.
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Make sure the safety valve on the propane tank isn't acting up. With the newer valves if you open the tank too fast the valve may shut off the supply or only allow a small amount of gas out. I always open the valve real slow. Then after it's open I close it and open it again to make sure the pressure is equalized in the line before I start the burner. This was a big issue for a while with the Weber Q grills. I also had the large burner I use on my brewing stand do this after opening the valve too fast. Come to think of it, it's happened a couple of times on our RV too.

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as suggested above

I would try opening and closing the tank valve 3-4 times with the burner off, that has always worked when my grill gets goofy. Now the GOSM, I had a similar issue months ago, but my flame was so bad it looked like a candle and went a few hours before I caught it, sooted up the whole works, butt included, it was a mess. I took out the burner and cleaned it out, it is much better now, still have more yellow in the flame then i remember.
If you do take it apart be careful, I stripped one of the threaded holes in the cast burner, boogered it up with high temp gasket material and it seems to be holding up.
a good cleaning of the line and burner should do the trick.
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temp control

Open your valve slowly to one and a half turns. Light and leave it there.
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Also check and make sure connection is right. With mine if you do not tighten it down correctly I get the same problems you have. Now I am the only one who changes my tank. Also make sure you are turning off your smoker and not just the tank. Some people like to turn the tank off til there flames goes out and then when they turn the tank back they have troubles. If you solve your problem let us know.
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GOSM Temp.

Check my post from yesterday.....I'm going to do a cleaning of the screen, atc. as they mention.....I don't believe a yellowish flame is a hot flame...when it is primarily blue in color is when the burner is at it's optimal heat.......

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